World Classical Network Reaches the Right People

The Power of Classical Music is demonstrated daily
by WFCC-FM, WCN’s Flagship Radio Station

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TESTIMONIALS: Here’s What the Advertisers Say

Anela RimerRadio has helped us get customers from new areas.  It amazed us that people who had never stepped through our door were now shopping with us because they had heard our ads on WFCC.
Angela Rimer
The Shoe Salon

Chuck HartThe management group at WFCC knows our business and even more important, they know our clientele. They have helped us to create a cost-effective marketing plan that has reached a wide array of clients.
Chuck Hart
Lewis and Weldon Custom Kitchens

Charles C ChaseWhen a customer called my office as a result of listening to my radio ad, she said she could tell by my voice that I was an honest person.   Radio ads actually do speak to people. 
Charles C. Case
Attorney At Law

Barbara PrueI’ve advertised on WFCC since they went on the air. The Classical format suits my demographic perfectly. I’ve had customers drive right in after hearing the ad in their cars. The spoken word has a magic not found in print. Radio is the first and only way to go.
Barbara Prue
Lady Bug Knitting Shop

Mary Ann CravenhoOur radio campaign on WFCC has brought in new consumers we’d normally not be able to reach.  No other medium has been as effective as radio
Mary Ann Cravenho
Cape Cod Shoe Market

Wendy HarrisOur goal was to have more customers walk in our door. Our consumer traffic increased immediately and customers related hearing the ad.
Wendy Harris
Window Express &
Gotcha Covered Fabrics

Darren CifelliWith the help of radio station WFCC, we found that more customers commented about our radio ads than any other form of advertising. It’s great news to hear your customers tell you that your radio ads brought them to your store! That’s telling us that that money is being spent in the right place.
Darren Cifelli
Linda’s Original’s & Linda’s Too


Radio Delivers

Radio reaches 93% of all U.S. consumers every week

Every week, Radio reaches 94% of those with $75K+ household income

73% of consumers listen in their car on a typical weekday

Radio commercial breaks hold an average of 92% of the lead-in audience

Radio reaches 89% of retail shoppers every week

Radio reaches 87% or more of all major credit card holders

Over the last 5 years, Radio has retained 92% of its time spent listening

30% of adults have initiated an online search based on radio

Every week, Radio reaches 88% of adults whose households contributed to a political organization

Every week, Radio reaches 91% of those who plan to buy a house or condo in the coming year

Every week, Radio reaches 89% of those who spend $150 on groceries in an average week

Every week, Radio reaches 90% of all those who plan to buy/lease a new compact car

Source: Radio Advertising Bureau