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In this economy, you need to bring a powerful product to market and you need to do it with limited resources (cash, personnel, promotion, etc.). By running WCN programming, you offer your advertisers an exclusive format that generates a very desirable audience that can and will buy their products and services.

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It’s operations friendly, inexpensive and it has a great story for your sales people to tell. Contact us today to review details

This recession is pushing radio stations into a corner. Advertising revenue has been slashed. Media stock values have plunged. Although we all want to grow and prosper, first we must get through this tough economy. The word for the day is: SURVIVE.

And to survive you absolutely must Decrease Costs and Increase Revenue.

World Classical Network is an answer. Among other efficiencies, the fact that we can deliver near turnkey, operations friendly, full-time programming via the Internet (using the broadband service you are already paying for) makes us the lowest cost programming alternative available. If your station, or one of the stations in your cluster, is not as competitive as it should be, WCN can reduce the cost of operating that station.

But more than just shrinking costs, the WCN programming can help generate additional income. Classical Music has a great story for your sales team to take to advertisers:

  • • The exclusivity of the format is appealing to current and potential advertisers … they understand that the music attracts a loyal listener and that loyal listeners listen for long periods of time and transfer the loyalty they feel towards Classical Music to the station’s sponsors.

  • Advertisers agree that Classical Music has an upscale, educated listener … the battle to show your prospect the value of your audience (outside the quantity indicated by the ratings) is already won! They also value the quality environment for their commercial messages.

There are a number of other reasons that affiliation with WCN makes sense for a variety of situations in the majority of markets. Pick up your phone and call Scott (703-438-8988) right now -- or drop him an e-mail ( -- to discuss how you can quickly lower costs and generate additional income in your market.


Sales Materials

WCN is the next generation of classical music programming on the radio offering a format with a distinct style and class that has great appeal to local and regional advertisers.

The Power of Classical Music as a radio format that delivers customers to advertisers is demonstrated daily by WFCC-FM, WCN’s Flagship Radio Station

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Classical Music Radio Stations Reach an Audience with disposable income – it’s the truth … advertisers understand it and give WCN affiliates credit for it. And when advertisers give a station credit for the quality of the audience, the station’s salespeople can spend less time on the quantitative aspects of the presentation and more time helping clients use the station to get results. This is not a ratings driven “sell” … it’s about the quality of the audience, the loyalty of the audience and the exclusivity of the format.

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