Audience Profile

Who are the listeners that make affiliating your station with WCN such a good idea and who make advertising on WCN affiliates such a wise investment? Here’s a snapshot:

The male/female ratio is balanced – 52% male/48% female.

Education is important to our listeners - 64% hold at least a college degree.

More than 75% own their homes … and more than 20% have a second/vacation home

More than 79% of our audience that is employed works in management/sales/service/professional or other white collar positions.

More than 1/3 of our listeners have annual household incomes of above $100,000.

WCN affiliate listeners are involved with their community. They’re 185% more likely (than the market average) to make a contribution to an arts or cultural organization and 130% more likely to donate to a social care or welfare organization.

Typical Demo Break Out

• Teen      3%
• 18-34   21%
• 35-44   19%
• 45-54   19%
• 55-64   17%
• 65+      21%

Typical Education

• attended college - 81%
• graduated college - 64%
• graduate study - 31%
• graduate degree - 18%

Typical Activities and Purchases

• attend cultural events - 92%
• dine out at least once per week - 69%
• airline trips (2.3 avg) in last year - 72%
• traveled abroad in last 3 years - 42%
• exercise 3+ times per week - 72%
• new car in last 3 years - 42%
• Stock/bond portfolio - 59%

Typical Homeownership

• home owner - 76%
• income/vacation property - 23%

Typical Income

• Median household income: $82,026
• Household income $100,000–$199,000 - 30%
• Household income $200,000+ - 6%

Source: US Census, Simmons Market Research, BBM, data will vary by marketplace



Classical Music Quotes

What is it about Classical music that, at once, inspires us and reconciles us to our more whole selves? The great minds throughout history -- the artists, writers, and musicians themselves -- have often spoken of music, and of its invaluable effect on their lives.

“Classical music always had a great influence on me. In fact some of my songs have a classical theme in mind.” – Billy Joel

“Why do we continue to use classical orchestras in Broadway productions and movie soundtracks? The music is capable of deep emotional expression that transcends the centuries and social boundaries.”
Terry Blackburn

“I got obsessed with classical music, I got obsessed with Chopin, with playing the piano.” - Gary Oldman

“Classical music is as relevant today as ever. With a span of at least six centuries, containing some of mankind's greatest achievements, classical music holds a unique place in our society.”
- Julian Lloyd Webber

“I played classical as a kid.”
- John Legend

“Classical music is relevant: as relevant to a 25 year old as it is to a 55 year old.”
- Patrick Dupré Quigley

“Classical music is timeless. Many fans of popular music think classical music stuffy and outdated. The irony is that much of what they’re playing will be forgotten in a year, while people will still listen to Vivaldi, Haydn, and Brahms centuries from now.” - Gina R. Dalfonzo

“What is classical music if not the epitome of sensuality, passion, and understated erotica that popular music, even with all of its energy and life, cannot even begin to touch?” - Lara St. John

“I listen constantly to classical music and I find that stretches my imagination.” – Bobby Short

"Why waste money on psychotherapy when you can listen to the B Minor Mass?" - Michael Torke